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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The future of the workplace?

From this article in the British Journal of Sport Medicine:
For many people, most of the working day is spent sitting in front of a computer screen. Approaches for obesity treatment and prevention are being sought to increase workplace physical activity because low levels of physical activity are associated with obesity. Our hypothesis was that a vertical workstation that allows an obese individual to work while walking would be associated with significant and substantial increases in energy expenditure over seated work.

I'll take a pass and ride my bike after sitting in front of my computer screen all day.

Yeah, this is just implausible to implement. Fidelity pays $250 per year for my fitness club membership. I use this amount to cover martial arts classes. Additionally, they own their own cafeteria services that serve low fat, low calorie meals in order to keep the employees healthy and productive. I think this approach is less expensive and more feasible. I would have a very difficult time doing my job while walking on a treadmill and a company would have to pay me significantly more for the trouble.
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