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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holy C***, Batman

What a box score!! My ex-home team Texas Rangers opened a can of you-know-what on the Baltimore Orioles - 30 to 3 with a hit to run ratio greater than one!!!

The Rangers are a hard team to get behind in a big way because they are always trading away their great players - ARod, Teixiera, IRod, and so forth - and therefore the pitching and hitting always seems rather volatile.

For instance, earlier this year the Rangers were no-hit by the Chicago White Sox

Just think, they scored 30 runs and their best player, Michael Young had zero RBIs. What's even more staggering is how Wes Littleton got a save!!! He could've given up 26 runs in the bottom of ninth and still gotten a save. What a crazy night!!!
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