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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back in the saddle

I am posting from my new office at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. The down time this blog has suffered during our move might have killed it, but I hope not.

Our move to Charlotte has been rather prolonged but for good reasons - now to tackle the numerous revision requests piling up.

More to come in the following days.

Some items of interest:

A longish interview with Presidential candidate Ron Paul
An interesting report on the state of the cable television industry
Ford is using Soy-based materials in their cars.
90% of all U.S. farms are considered "small"
Comerica Bank's U.S. Economic Brief

/The down time this blog has suffered during our move might have killed it/

No way. At least I'm still here.

I hope you enjoy Charlotte.
Your blog is still in my RSS feeder. I'm looking forward to more great posts as you get settled in your new place.

Enjoy the basketball!
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