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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Transition update

Thanks to all those who keep visiting HL - I am sorry that I haven't had time to post in the past few days.

I have made it east of the Mississippi and we are hoping to be in our new house late next week. The next ten days will be filled with a lot of driving between Concord/Charlotte and Greenville (SC) and with a lot of work being done around the new house.

I did go to Minneapolis last week for some software training and ran into old grad school buddy Dave Franck. We went to the Twins-Angels game last Monday (Twins won 7-5) and discovered that the Metrodome is a hunk of junk. I have some pics on my phone that I will try to upload when I get a chance, but it is a good thing the Twins will get a new stadium - even if it isn't such a good thing that tax payers are paying for it.

More deep thoughts will be forthcoming after I get settled.

So, does this mean there is a good chance the Twins will have a decrease in win/loss ratio because the new stadium will discourage investment in better players?
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