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Friday, May 25, 2007

You go girl...

As the father of two young girls, my perspective on things has changed just a little bit from a few years ago. Subtle suggestions about how "girls should act" permeate our society, from music to art to cartoons to advertising to the things we adults say.

The May 2007 Economic Letter from the Dallas Fed shows the dramatic improvements in the employment status and remuneration to women over the past thirty years. Particularly compelling was this chart:

I like that pattern and in my mind there should be more of this "good news" in the standard media rather than the navel-gazing about the rather small (in percentage terms) unexplainable wage gap. Alas, we have to go to the Dallas Fed to find out that women are making much greater strides than at least I would have thought. I'll interpret this as a good sign for the future.

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