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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On the cost of textbooks

From today's Chronicle of Higher Education:
The deans of Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and of its undergraduate college have asked professors to take steps to cut students' textbook costs, by putting required reading online and by trying to assign the same books in successive years, to increase their resale value, according to today's Boston Globe. The deans' request, expressed in an e-mail message to the faculty last week, does not carry a mandate, like that of measures recently passed by the University of North Carolina regents.

In the case of microeconomics (or MBA students coming back to take Managerial Economics or Economic Analysis), I might suggest Microeconomics Demystified which retails at $19 and can be bought on Amazon (and elsewhere) for around $14.

The book is only 13 chapters (from comparative advantage through market failure) but is a real textbook. Although there is no math in the text, the canonical graphical approach is provided.

My students seem to enjoy it and it is a lot easier on the pocketbook.

There is a macroeconomics version, Macroeconomics Demystified, but I cannot vouch for the text as I have not read it. As for Microeconomics Demystified? Well, I wrote it.

If any of my current students read this blog, I wonder if they care to leave any anonymous comments on MD?

thanks for the pointer to your book - buying a copy at Amazon.

Had Macro a long time ago, but never took a micro course.

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