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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When success is failure?

We see it in the Battle of Iraq and, evidently, the graduation rates of African-American college basketball players:
Men’s basketball has the worst record for graduation rates among all college sports in a sport where 62.6 percent of Division I male basketball student-athletes are African-American. GSR data indicates only 59 percent of male basketball student-athletes graduate in Division I compared to 70 percent of male student-athletes in general. Only 51 percent of African-American male basketball student-athletes graduate while white basketball student-athletes graduate at 76 percent. This 25 percentage point disparity is startling....

However, it needs to be noted that African-American basketball players graduate at a higher rate than African-American males who are not student-athletes. The graduation rate for African-American male students is only 36 percent, versus the 51 percent of African-American male basketball student-athletes who graduate.

From the 2007 APR & Grad. Rate Study of Div. I NCAA Men's Tournament Teams by the Institute for Diversity in and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida.

The Institute provides valuable data and a worthy service, however in this case the message seems a bit confused.

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