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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Talk is cheap

Economists often claim that talk is cheap, i.e., actions speak louder than words. This is no less true when actions are seemingly trivial, say, like voting on American Idol.

Tonight, of the four people sent off the show, at least two of them were deserving of being in the top 12. I admit that it probably doesn't matter too much that a person like Sundance was sent off, he will have a record deal in the next week or so. That said, we dont' get to watch him sing (for free) any longer and we are stuck watching other folks who aren't as "good."

This poll taken sometime earlier this week suggested the following percentages of popularity:

The Females
Antonella 26.8%
Melinda 23.1%
LaKisha 19.7%
Sabrina 9.5%
Gina 6.9%
Jordin 6.8%
Haley 4.6%
Stephanie 2.7%

The Males
Blake 35.3%
Chris Sligh 22.3%
Chris Richardson 13.3%
Sanjaya 8.5%
Sundance 7.0%
Phil 5.3%
Brandon 4.8%
Jared 3.6%

The on-line poll is costless whereas to vote for American Idol costs a dollar or so. Talk is cheap, as was shown tonight. If the poll was correct, Brandon, Haley, Staphanie and Jared should be gone. Instead, Sundance, Jared, Antonella and Sabrina?

I agree that Antonella was not very good, and evidently Jared didn't have the support that I thought he would have. What will prove interesting is how long the ethnic vote (if that's what is going on) can carry the day when the number of contestants gets smaller.

What a great example of how talk is cheap.

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