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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pics from West Virginia University

How cool is this country? This morning I woke up in Morgantown, West Virginia, walked around campus, took some pictures, grabbed a pita at the Pita Stop on High Street, drove to Pittsburgh, saw PNC Park and Heinz Field, got lost trying to find a gas station somewhere near the Pittsburgh airport (hint, I found one in Sabastian, PA, off of US-30 after getting lost on the PA-576, which turns out to be the turnpike with zero traffic). I jumped on a plane and ended up in Texas before the sun was down.

This country is wonderful.

Here are some pics from this morning in Morgantown (taken with my LG CU500 phone):

0324071112-00.jpg 170k
0324071112-01.jpg 211k
0324071112-02.jpg 243k
0324071115-00.jpg 165k
0324071116-00.jpg 255k
0324071116-01.jpg 190k
0324071119-00.jpg 179k
0324071119-01.jpg 190k
0324071120-00.jpg 153k
0324071120-01.jpg 251k
0324071120-02.jpg 200k
0324071121-00.jpg 190k
0324071130-00.jpg 251k
0324071229-00.jpg 115k
0324071229-01.jpg 118k

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