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Monday, March 12, 2007

Incentives matter: Daylight Savings Time edition

The hubris of Congress is legion. This past weekend we saw yet another manifestation of that hubris when we all "agreed" to change our clocks to a new time because Congress said we were supposed to do so. Sometimes I wonder if we really are a country of sheeple.

Anyway, the earlier switch to DST has people concerned that another y2k "event" might occur - never mind that the y2k event never happened. I scoff at the idea that people can't change the clocks on their equipment, but then again...

My personal computers at home are updated and maintained against outside threat, perhaps more so than my house is (sad to say), and both machines switched to DST with no problem. I come to work this morning at my office machine has not updated itself - I had to go change the time myself.

I wonder why the automatic updates on the home computers was able to install the patch to switch to DST early whereas the machines protected by the university's OIT (office of information technology) are not? Perhaps incentives matter?

Is my desktop going to advance the time by one hour in a couple of weeks?

[Update (11:31 CDT) - My Windows XP professional machine keeps resetting the clock automatically back to CST. I click on the clock, set the time, and hit "apply." Within a few minutes, the computer resets to the standard time...perhaps there is a problem here. I am not concerned at the moment, but I will try to find some information on how to fix this...Why is Windows over-riding my commands?]

[Update: Wed March 14 - I discovered that I had NOT checked the automatically keep up with Daylight Savings Time. When I checked that box, Windows switched to DST and kept the time correctly.]

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