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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The criminal mind

The front page of this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a story concerning folks on probation in Tarrant County; there are approximately 20,000 people on provation in our fair county!!

One of the insets is the following:
As a condition of their probation, defendants must pay fines, court costs, probation fees, and, in some cases, restitution to victims...Here are some of the real-life reasons given to Tarrant County probation officers on why a defendant couldn't pay:

  • Can't pay because I made $4,600 last month and I have to eat and live and drive my Corvette

  • Money order flew out the car window on the way here, and I couldn't get it before someone else did.

  • I haven't paid because there is this stereo system I want real bad.

  • Can't pay because I'm paying on my tickets or I'll go to jail.

  • Can't pay my fees because I'm getting a divorce.

  • I mailed the report form before putting in the check.

  • I needed to get loaded real bad.
  • I think the last one is the "best" because it seems the most honest. I have heard some real doozies in my time, but mainly from students trying to make up exams or explain missing a quiz - something rather trivial in the grand scheme of things. On the contrary, lying to your probation officer doesn't seem advisable.

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