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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sixes are Sevens

I offer a slight nod to Hillary Clinton who simply admits that she wants to take the property of others, e.g., the legal profits earned by a private corporation. I am extremely disappointed that such proclamations are met with approval and a level of eagerness that reminds me of the blood-lust the Romans had in the Coliseum.

Here in the state of Texas, the Republican governor has mandated, through fiat, that all girls entering the sixth grade must be vaccinated against HPV, most commonly tagged an STD. Merck, recovering from Vioxx issues, stands to gain revenues of more than $350 per three-shot regimen. There are rumors flying around that the gov's former chief of staff is on the Merck payroll. Who knows what is true or not true any more? What is clear is that our freedom, more specifically that of my two young daughters, is perhaps at more risk from Republicans than Democrats. At least Exxon can earn more profit next quarter, if Atlas doesn't shrug.

The bold moves of the tyranny, er politicians, should be struck down with incredulity but, like the McCain-Feingold Campaign Financing Reform bills, everyone seems to be waiting for one or the other branch of government to kill such measures. As we all sit around waiting for someone else to "do something," we wake up with mandatory STD vaccinations and the proposed seizure of legal profits, and a $2.9 trillion federal government, among other issues.

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