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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh my...

My brother points me to this story about shark wrestling under the influence. Here's why you need to listen to the audio linked at the story:
Anyway, this bronzy was hanging around, right, and it kept going for their squid floats, yeah, and they had nothing to catch it with, and I said to 'em, we'll just see if we can lure it into the shallows a bit, and I'll just jump in and grab him, all right.

So anyway, it started following it in, so I went down the ladder, stripped off down the ladder, yeah, on the road down, and they're over there watching, and I said keep going, keep going, get him in a bit shallower. And I just snuck up behind him. So eventually I just went for the big grab, and I fluked it, and got him, hey. Next minute I got up, he's just thrashing around the water. These people are all pissing themselves laughing, hey, but then he was starting to turn around and try bite me, and had a bit of a spell, yeah.
You need to read it while you listen to it or you won't understand much of what you hear.

The YouTube version

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