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Monday, February 05, 2007

Does it smell like popcorn?

From Corn eDigest is a story concerning the first testing of ethanol at the Daytona Speedway (being used in Indy Racing cars):

"Methanol is a very gaseous-type smell -- makes your eyes water and your throat tighten up. But, today as these engines cranked up for the very first time, the sweet smell of ethanol wafted over the paddock," Slunecka said. "And all of these drivers and mechanics are so appreciative of the fact that these fumes that they are breathing today are non-toxic and their jobs just got a whole lot healthier."
With a few additives it might be possible for track owners to influence the appetites of the fans in the seats - there seems to be something to the smell of popcorn and butter that draws people to the concession stands in movie theaters.

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