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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scientist talks in code?

This opinion piece from Nature - Physics suggests that we need an alternative to fossil-fuel based technologies and that bio-fuels are unlikely to provide a reasonable solution.

The really catchy sound-bite is:

We are doing an uncontrolled experiment with the climate of the only planet we have. It is very foolish indeed.

However, the more telling bite?
The fact is, we are very good at solving technical problems once we put our minds and resources on the line. But we need courageous, visionary political leadership that will challenge us scientists to do it — just as JFK once challenged us to put a man on the Moon. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely.
"Visionary, courageous leadership" and a "challenge to the scientists" alone won't (and hasn't) motivate many scientists to get up off the bench. However, a check (preferably blank) written simultaneous with the challenge? Now that can get some research done.

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