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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On triple digit water bills

Here in the DFW area, or at least in Arlington, it is not uncommon for the water bill to be in the triple digits. Granted, the water bill includes taxes for street maintenance, garbage pickup. Nevertheless, one of the issues in this part of the country is a lack of supply of water. We have been in a drought since I moved here in 1996 and things aren't looking much better for the near future.

The USGS recently released measures of stream-flow for 2006. As you might intuit from the news, there was an over-abundance of water in the Northeast - what with flooding from Maine through New Jersey, an above-average amount of water in the Northwest, again where flooding occurred last year. In the central and southern portion of the country, stream-flow was below average.

Here's a picture of said stream-flow measures.

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