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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alfalfa growers step up to the trough

From eHay weekly:
The National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance (NAFA) has been in Washington, D.C., seeking more funding for research to develop alfalfa as a feedstock for bioenergy and bioproduct production, reports Jon Dockter, who serves on the NAFA staff. "Washington is abuzz with biofuels production, biodiesel production and ethanol production," he says. "We want to make sure forage crops have a seat at the table during the discussion about cellulosic ethanol. While there isn't necessarily one magic crop when it comes to producing cellulosic ethanol, it's important to make sure alfalfa is part of that discussion.

And the email blast recommends:
Producers should make their congressional representatives aware that they want to see greater use of forage crops, in addition to greater promotion and research into biofuels crops, Dockter urges. "We are trying to make sure that alfalfa and forage crops that have potential to produce cellulosic ethanol are being treated fairly among those other crops like switchgrass and corn in terms of any incentives Washington provides for the production of those crops."
What does Mr. Docker mean by "treated fairly"? The scramble for public subsidies seems underway.

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