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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The VCR is Dead, Long live the VCR!!

Okay, it isn't actually dead - not yet. However, those with VCR based movies might think about off-loading those while they still have a little more value than 8 track tapes.

Why? This report from Nielsen ratings claims:
Nielsen Media Research released findings today from its 3rd Quarter Home Technology Report which show that more U.S. households now own DVD players (81.2% of all households) than VCRs (79.2% of households). Findings from this quarterly study also show ownership of most media technology trending up from previous years, which could continue to climb as the upcoming Christmas season approaches.

Here's an Adobe version of a three year trend graph. What I find interesting is the decrease in the percentage of homes that have a video game. Is that junior tossing the old Sega sysetm in hopes of a new X-box? Or is it mom and dad taking a sledgehammer to the time waster? Perhaps there are some college graduates, i.e. households, who get rid of their systems?

HT: Docuticker

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