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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Aren't we over IE yet?

As an economist I am always surprised that the Internet Explorer exclusive website still exists. In the age of Opera (my browser), Firefox, and numerous other browsers, why would a company build a website that only works with Microsoft's clunky and slow IE?

Factiva is one such site - it is a great database but it requires IE and that is a bad thing.

Along comes word of a new cross-over vehicle by Ford - the Edge. It sounds intriguing as I might be in the market for a new car. I have an email advertising the marketing push for the Edge. In the email is a link to a website for the Edge. When I get to the website it tells me that I don't have "what's required" to view the website.

Now, that is annoying. You Tube can broadcast a streaming movie on just about any system in the world, and hence it gets 100 million hits a day. The Edge website can only broadcast to those who are using IE, which will lead to fewer hits, and hence a lower marketing presence.

After being annoyed, I look at the URL: fordedge.msn.com. Oh, that little msn.com extension explains things. Is Ford so hard-up for cash that it has to partner with El Diablo (when it comes to browsers) to fire up a website?

I simply Googled Ford Edge and found the "real" website here. It works fine in Opera. The car looks interesting. It's about time the Americans came online with something that can compete with the rest of the world's production line.

I don't have any trouble using Firefox at Factiva.
Factiva has not required IE for over a year. The database is fully accessible via Firefox and Safari as well as IE.
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