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Sunday, December 24, 2006

All in a few days work...

Current NCAA football players take thirty or forty days off between their last game and their bowl game. How sweet it must be to have so much time off.

Consider the Sewanee (University of the South) regular season schedule from 1907

| date visitor visito~e home homesc~e |
25006. | 10/3/1907 Mooney 0 Sewanee 23 |
49005. | 10/10/1907 Mississippi State 0 Sewanee 38 |
56728. | 10/19/1907 Sewanee 12 Auburn 6 |
59137. | 10/21/1907 Sewanee 54 Alabama 4 |
61352. | 10/26/1907 Sewanee 65 Mississippi 0 |
62272. | 11/2/1907 Sewanee 12 Virginia 0 |
63803. | 11/9/1907 Sewanee 18 Georgia Tech 0 |
63932. | 11/11/1907 Sewanee 16 Georgia 0 |
64721. | 11/23/1907 Sewanee 12 Vanderbilt 17 |

Check the dates of the games. Consider riding a train all over heck's creation and then having to play games back-to-back against those teams that would ultimately comprise the Southeastern Conference.

This record is close, but not equal to, the Sewanee team of 1899:
[T]he 1899 "Iron Men" of Sewanee remain legends of the game. That year Sewanee burned up the southern playing fields with a 12-0-0 season under Coach Billy Suter and manager Luke Lea. Their long-standing reputation rests on five games played during a six-day road trip that covered 2,500 miles during which Sewanee beat Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, LSU, and Ole Miss. Star halfback Henry G. Seibels later received recognition for the feat with induction into the National College Football Hall of Fame.

Good on ya' laddies...

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