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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where were the government regulators?

From last week's Tuesday Morning Quarterback, perhaps one of the best weekly columns on and off the net:
Boeing is recommending that all 787 engine housings be painted a single color. The company's studies show that the tiny ridges between paint shades in multiple-color airline liveries interrupt laminar airflow over engine nacelles, increasing fuel consumption by nearly 100 gallons per airliner per day. This is the level of detail that manufacturers already are working with to reduce petroleum consumption -- and the world still needs to get, what, maybe four or five times more energy-efficient?
My point is that Boeing, not the government or one of its bureaucrats, provided the recommendation. The government can set the stage for innovation and improvement in drugs, fuel efficiency, whatever. Yet the hopes and dreams of many, that the government will furnish THE answer to any single problem or set of problems are likely misplaced.

The recommendation by Boeing is an example of how the little things won't go unnoticed by the private sector.

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