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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On Thanksgiving c. 1906

From the Nov. 29, 1906 NYT:
...it seems to us that our moral reasons for thankfulness surpass the material. Even though we are rich with the gifts of nature, we should not be rich, unless we were ourselves. Our true wealth is in our citizenry, whose qualities never shone more brightly in this trying year. For it has been a trying year. The apostles of discontent, the instigators of the wants against the haves, have been abroad, and have confused even some of our best minds. President HADLEY thought that discontent with railway administration was unjustified, but yet he thought that the legislation demanded, although unwise, should be conceded. President SCHURMAN said publicly that the men who have espoused Socialism are as devoted to that theory as the early Christians were devoted to the cause of CHRIST, as though that, if true, warranted concessions to discontent...All the earlier things might have been true, and yet we might have been on the road to destruction had not our ballot proved that our electorate is sound at heart, and truer of courage than even some of their leaders. If our captains of industry have done great things it is only because of the quality of their followers. The year's truest cause for thankfulness is that prosperity has not spoiled us, and that Americans are still Americans.
An interesting comparison can be made between editorial pages 100 years apart.

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