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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Something to think about

From Nature:
The ultimate terrorist attack is a nuclear explosion in a city. The likelihood of such an event is uncertain, but the consequences would be enormous. As many as a hundred thousand people could be killed, and many more left wounded or sick; several square miles of the city would be destroyed or contaminated, and the political and social consequences would be far-reaching.

Once it had happened, there would be an urgent need to determine where the nuclear explosive came from and who was responsible, and not just for retribution: a pressing concern would be to assess the chances of another nuclear detonation. We propose an international data bank of known nuclear explosive materials to aid in that process.
I thought we already had this technology, to an extent. Evidently I was mistaken or "lied to". The article suggests that being able to identify a nuclear signature might act as a deterrent to using nuclear weapons. I might buy into that, as long as the party that launched was the party that built.

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