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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flattery or desperation?

Anything look familiar with this picture? This is the Soviet version of the space shuttle - tagged the BURAN. Evidently it made a few flights and then the project was scrapped because the Soviet Union fell apart. Hmmmmm, is that causation or correlation?

It is interesting that the Soviets would go with the same failed model as the NASA shuttle program. The original concept of the shuttle was fine, but the idea and the methodology seems to have failed to keep up with the times. NASA seems to suffer from a sunk cost fallacy - thinking we have spent too much money on the shuttle fleet and project to abandon it now when we have all sorts of alternatives that may prove more affordable and safe.

Evidently old Soviet space shuttles are not that important as one of the BURANS is sitting out in the open somewhere in the Russian hinterland.

[They also ripped GM's Hummer]

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