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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad title of the day

Economists are often accused of paper titles that convey little to the uninitiated. I think this is true in some cases but not overall. Nevertheless, the accusation can be hurled at almost all fields.

For example, this paper is in the current issue of Convergence:
Designerly Readerly: Re-assessing Multimodal and New Media Rubrics for Use in Writing Studies
Cheryl E. Ball
Convergence 2006;12 393-412

Does this title convey anything? "Designerly"? "Readerly"? "New Media Rubrics"? I think a title could have been something like "Well Designed versus Easily Read..." And yes, Virginia, that is an inequality sign in the title of a non-mathematical paper. I'm calling an aesthetic foul.

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