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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There's something happening there...

They declare:
1. The Constitution, in use since 1997, VOID
2. All representatives, the parliament and the constitution court, VOID
3. Privy councillors, working normally
4. All other courts, in operation under supervision of the coup operation team

Thailand is now a democratic country with no constitution.

Thai constitution 404 Error.

From reddit.com:
A Thai here, reporting live from the capital.

23:25 Sep 19 local time... All local television channels are shut down. Tanks are rolling in the city. The capital has been completely taken over by the MILITARY coup, facing no resistance. Cellphones have also been cut. It is also rumored that some government representatives have been held captive.

No blood shed so far. Streets are dead quiet.

Of course, their biggest mistake is forgetting about the Internet.

The revolution has been "televised"

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