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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Request for comment

I reach out to the HL community with the following question. The following is an abstract of a working paper which is having a hard time getting past the editors at the journals to which we have submitted. We are not being rejected for being "wrong" but for being "different." This is not an unheard of experience, but one that is frustrating.

My question is what, if any, journal in which you might imagine such an abstract appearing. Hopefully not the Journal of Failed Research!! Any suggestions can be sent to depken-at-uta-dot-edu.

Multiproduct Pricing in Major League Baseball: An Empirical Analysis Using Principal Components

The empirical analysis of multiproduct pricing suffers from a lack of clear theoretical guidance and appropriate data. These limitations often render traditional regression-based analyses impractical. This paper analyzes ticket, parking, and concession pricing in Major League Baseball for the period 1991-2003 using a principal components methodology. This approach allows inferences to be formed about the factors underlying price variation without strong theoretical guidance or abundant information about costs and demand. The most important factor is general demand shifts, which explain about half of overall price variation. Also important are price interactions that derive from demand interrelationships between goods or the desire to maximize the capture of consumer surplus in the presence of heterogeneous demand. The principal components methodology can effectively reveal the economic forces underpinning pricing in a multiproduct context using data on prices alone.

JEL Classifications: D40, L11, L13

Keywords: multiproduct pricing, sports, structural model, complements, substitutes, principal components.

I think part of the issue is that PC has kind of a bad rap: less people understand it than 20 years ago, and those that do are leery of the somewhat arbitrary associating of a name with component.

You didn't say who has turned this down though, so it is hard to speculate about outlets.

My sense is that this would do better at a general interest journal that isn't afraid of a little econometrics: EEJ maybe.

You probably already asked Mark Wohar, but if not, do so. Carter Hill is another one who might have some ideas - he's done a lot with unusual techniques and fun data sets.

In my case, when I wanted to do something about sports that ended up sounding more like stats, I presented at the ASA Statistitcs In Sports Section and got in the proceedings. It is "just" a proceedings, but my deans and chairs have been willing to accept that a proceedings from that level is equivalent to a journal no one ever reads, so I do get some credit for it.
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