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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An open letter to the New York Mets

First, congratulations to the New York Mets for winning the National League East for the 2006 season.

Second, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. As a die-hard, life-long Atlanta Braves fan, thank you for ending the unbelievable (literally) string of 14 consecutive division titles for the Braves. Braves fans have long ago lost the excitement that we enjoyed en masse in 1991. It is time for that excitement of winning a divisional pennant and playing baseball in October to be enjoyed by the good citizens of another city.

Let's recap what has happened in baseball since the Braves were last not in the playoffs:

League expansion twice.
One work stoppage.
Interleague play introduced.
Wild card playoff spot introduced.
Division realignment.
League realignment.
Homerun record set twice.
Steroids controversy has bubbled twice.
[I am sure someone else will write a list of what has happened, if you/I find it I will link to it here].

Let's recap what has happened in (my) life since the Braves were last not in the playoffs:

I graduated from undergraduate work.
I entered graduate school.
I met my future wife.
Brooks Hall (the Business school at UGA) burned.
I graduated with a Ph.D.
I obtained my first job.
I moved to Texas.
I married.
I went to Morroco, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, France, England (not at once).
I went to thirty conferences and visited cities/states all over the country (not in the same year).
I published thirty papers in peer reviewed journals (not in the same year, that would be a record).
I published another twelve papers as book chapters (not in the same year, that too would be a record).
I obtained tenure.
I wrote a text book.
I have two children.
I purchased four cars.

It is a good time for the Braves to lose. I have two convenient bookends for the Braves winning streak: the Braves started winning when I earned my undergraduate degree and stopped winning when I obtained my ten year pin at UT Arlington (gasp).

Congrats to the New York Mets, and also to the Atlanta Braves.

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