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Friday, September 01, 2006

Interesting comparison

Occasionally there appears a stark comparison that cannot go without mention. The case in point is page-hits here at Heavy Lifting. My past posts on the possible correlation or causation between gasoline prices, the war in Iraq, and Bush's approval rating have generated two separate waves of incoming links to HL.

The first wave was very soon after my original blog post which was a connection to Prof. Pollkatz's original graph. Rush Limbaugh mentioned the blog and the graph on his April 19, 2006 show. That day, Heavy Lifting received 12,000 hits. The next day, total hits fell a bit - down to 1,720.

These posts concerning Bush's approval rating and gasoline prices have yielded, I would estimate, two or three (sometimes more, sometimes less) hits per day.

This week, a second wave of incoming links/hits is evidently underway. It was pointed out to me that Heavy Lifting was mentioned (in some fashion) on the Thom Hartmann show, which I had never heard of. Turns out the show is on Air America, which I do not listen to. However, any press is good press, and I appreciate Thom's mentioning the blog on the air.

Heavy Lifting averages somewhere between 75 and 100 hits per day. Here is the comparison of interest.

Two day hit totals from a mention on Rush Limbaugh's show - 12,199 and 1,720 (about 12,100 and 1,620 more than usual).

Two day hit totals from a mention on the Thom Hartmann show - 150 and 147 (50 more than usual).


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