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Friday, September 08, 2006

Give us your money, we'll call you in 2009

This is basically what the Dallas Cowboys said today. The team evidently refuses to release any drawings or renderings of the stadium we are helping build here in Arlington.

The Dallas Cowboys have declined to release architectural drawings of the new publicly funded stadium under construction in Arlington, saying that the plans should remain confidential under the Texas Homeland Security Act.

I am no security expert, so maybe there is something real here. But to this Arlingtonian it sounds like a lame excuse. To not be able to even show us what our $650m building will look like? That's not right.

From the parking lot of the Walmart across the street from the stadium it is possible to see that a big hole has been dug in the ground. There are two three very large cranes in position to do the "heavy lifting," so to speak. However, we as a public voted to spend at the least $325 million on a building the looks of which we have no idea - not even the crayon sketch.

It is amazing the amount of hubris the team has shown towards the city. All the feel-good neighborly promises that were made during the 2004 stadium referendum campaign have been quietly forgotten, by both the team and the voting public.

There is a nice black tarp surrounding the stadium location so that it is impossible to see what is going on from the street level. I am now motivated to take some pictures with my so-so powered 35mm (will I be arrested for doing so by homeland security?).

Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of the story here. Lesson to other cities considering building a very expensive stadium for a professional sports franchise: don't do it.

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