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Friday, September 29, 2006

Because they don't know any better?

New York City is moving to ban transfatty acids, ostensibly because the food consumer is unable to help themselves.

Now, the state of New York steps in and closes a for profit "college" because:
Among a multitude of problems, they said, were courses that were not college level work, a lack of student services, an absence of effective academic leadership, and high turnover among faculty and staff.
If these problems are so apparent to The New York State Education Department, how is it possible that the "students" of said college are unaware?

Perhaps the students do not demand effective academic leadership, do not care about the lack of student services, and ultimately are indifferent to high faculty turnover. Perhaps the students of the "college" only seek a "degree" of some kind.

Is the State Education Department scared of the competition? I am sure the college is not a direct competitor of any of the City or State Universities of New York. Is the State Education Department truly worried about the future of the graduates of the Taylor Business Institute? I doubt it.

There are accreditation associations that provide a signal of quality to students and employers alike. Unless the state of New York was directly subsidizing the Taylor Business Institute, what business is it of the state to shut down the college?

The market for higher education is more competitive, with more informative customers, precisely because the government does not choose the winners and the losers, as often happens in the primary/secondary education market.

I say leave well enough alone.

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