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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arlington Stadium Update

Now that I have a phone with a camera, whenever I drive by the stadium site I will try to click a few shots (when it is safe, of course).

This was taken driving south on Collins Street in Arlington at the intersection of Collins and Randol Mill Road, September 17, 2006. You can see the four cranes set up, the fencing with black tarp, and the one homeowner or business located on the patch of heaven where the stadium will be built (roughly a square defined by Division Street to the south, Stadium drive to the East, Collins street to the West, and Randol Mill Rd. on the north) that wasn't bought out: Bank of America.

Could it be that BA told the city of Arlington that a buy out wasn't an option, whereas the other business/homeowners didn't have such clout?

Another pic
Another pic

Anyone know if BA is/was involved with the underwriting for the bond issue? Perhaps leave the branch in exchange for a reduction in the investment banking fee?
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