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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yet another inconvenient hypocrite

Sen. Barak Obama preaches on global warming and how it's the gas-guzzling SUV that middle America not only wants but needs (update: we joined the SUV population by purchasing a Honda CR-V last week. Why? Try fitting two car seats in the back of a fuel efficient yet very small VW Golf!!). It's unfortunate for us mere mortals that Obama might one day be in an even greater position of power:
Obama says consumers can make the difference by switching to higher mileage hybrids. Today the Senator said, "It would save more energy, do more for the environment and create better world security than all the drilling we could do in Alaska."

After the meeting... Obama left in a GMC Envoy after admitting to favoring SUV's himself.

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not sure if you noticed this note. You can find it at the same link:

"(Editor's Note: After this story appeared Sen. Obama's press office sent us this additional information: "A story your station ran seems to imply that my boss Senator Obama was being hypocritical when he said Americans should drive more fuel-efficient vehicles though he was himself traveling in an SUV.

The SUV in question, though, is a Flexible Fuel Vehicle that can run on E85, which the Senator fills it with wherever its available (and in fact he's worked very hard to provide tax credits to increase availability and access to e85). I believe in light of these facts the story is misleading and warrants a correction."
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