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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Those quick to give advice

are often the worst at following it. Here's a little tidbit from the Warren Telecommunications fastblast:
DON'T ATTACK JUDGE -- go after her argument, ACLU replies to backlash against NSA wiretapping ruling.
So, the ACLU wants people to eschew the "personal attack," which in this case includes questioning why the judge in question heard a case brought by the ACLU when she's a member of the ACLU? [Okay - after reading up on this a bit, it seems there is concern about her being the member of a group that donated money to the ACLU. Still, it is possible for the left to have conflicts of interest.] Do we think a judge who is a lifetime member of the NRA and hears a case concerning concealed carry or some such wouldn't be questioned as well?

Such crap really pisses me off. Why can't we have some honesty (on both sides) or at least some libertarians?

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