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Monday, August 14, 2006

Perpetual motion discovered

And it's located in Washington D.C. From the Warren Communications News ticket:
Telecom Lobby Spent 8 Times More in 2005 than 2002

USTelecom's lobbying bill was 8 times higher in 2005 than in 2002, thanks to telecom reform bills, filings with the Secretary of the Senate showed. NCTA lobbying outlays rose 68% in the same period. The lobbying disclosure reports, which must be filed twice a year, list contacts with House and Senate members and federal agencies.
When it's your ox getting gored, or there is an opportunity to write legislation, the lobbying money starts to flow. Those in Congress are not stupid, even if they aren't all that smart. After Telecom, we move to Big Food, Big Pharma (oops, already did that one, but what the heck - they're good for another throw), Big Auto, Big Tobacco...we haven't even started yet with the Internet, clothing manufacturers, sports leagues, and the list goes on indefinitely. Each of these crises will require hundreds if not thousands of pages of legislation that no one will read and which will likely serve concentrated interests at the cost of the rest of us.

My answer? Less reformation of the private sector and there is less reason for the private sector to spend money in Washington. Less money in Washington, there is less incentive for bad politicians to stay in politics and there is thus a lower probability that the government will continue to take in as much money as it does. Get rid of the spending in Washington and you get rid of the lobbyists (at least those who are on the margin). Problem solved in, perhaps, ten years.

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