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Monday, July 31, 2006

Some press better than no press?

This USA Today article from last week describes the advances that sports economics has been making in the classroom and in the field of economics as a whole. I believe that we (as a group) are starting to get some grudging respect from the rest of the high-brow economists, but it is a slow battle.

Anyway, in the USA today article is this paragraph:
Dozens of sports-related papers were prepared for the recent Western Economic Association meeting in San Diego analyzing the impact of stadium announcements on property values, the winner's curse in baseball's free-agent market and other issues.

It seems that the reporter was in attendance at the Westerns early in July or at least got hold of the conference schedule as she interviews a lot of folks who were in attendance. Alas, I had to leave early in anticipation of our new arrival, and therefore I wasn't directly interviewed.

However, the phrase "analyzing the impact of stadium announcements on property values" refers to my paper with Carolyn Dehring and Mike Ward "The Impact of Stadium Announcements on Residential Property Values: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Dallas-Fort Worth," which is available here.

As they say, some press is better than no press.

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