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Monday, August 01, 2005

Lottery "scandals" abound

Here in Texas the lottery commission is in hot water for purposefully over-estimating what the lotto jackpot would be. There is evidence that more tickets are sold when the jackpots get bigger, so why not lie about what the jackpot might be to increase sales? After all, Leviathan does need to feed.

Now comes word that in Florida a "winning" scratchoff ticket is really a misprint.

Here's an image of the ticket in question. The only thing that looks like a misprint to me is the fact that the ticket is awarding $250,000.

How sweet it is to be Leviathan.

clearly a misprint. twytwo is below the two, which is also shifted, obviously missing the left "two". Also, if you scratch below the rest of the acrylic, if the letters T W and Y appear, it is a $20 winning ticket. She thought she won $250,020 dollars? Come on.
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