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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Google maps exonerates driver?

This guy claims that he was able to get out of a traffic ticket by using Google maps to prove that a road was two-way when the cop was testifying that it was one way. Probably not exactly what Google had in mind, but what the heck.

How long until you are not allowed to bring a laptop or gain wi-fi access in court houses?

Not a courthouse, as i mentioned in the article itself:
I admit to being a bit misleading in my comments. However, if people are able to get out of tickets using google maps "out of the courtroom," it is only a matter of time before they try to use it in the courtroom.

My hypothetical question still stands. Is it possible that courts would try to preclude the use of the technology by limiting access to wi-fi from within the courtroom. Would that be an infringement on any rights, would that be implemented regardless of public support, and what ramifications would that have for the entire legal system.

Mea culpa on the potentially misleading impression that the original use of the technology was in the courtroom.
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