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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sanity in New York City is shortlived

Probably because there are simply too many people in New York City, any sane move is immediately offset by multiple insane moves.

The sane action was submarining the Jets plan to build a stadium on the West side of Manhattan. Then earlier this week the NYC2012 committee colluded with the New York Mets to propose a new stadium in Queens - Estimated state and local costs are $200 million, although that is probably off by at least 25%.

Now comes word of a new Yankee stadium to be built in the Bronx. Another $200 million in local and state dollars, again likely off by 25% at least.

The only good thing about these two stadium plans is that the city and state are not on the hook for the entire project.

Here in Arlington, our local Cowboys fiasco is going to cost $650 million with the city of Arlington kicking in $325 million. That's almost the same amount as New York will pay for TWO stadiums and they have 9 million people. The city of Arlington has 325,000 people.

These other stadium deals really put our situation in Arlington in perspective.

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