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Friday, June 24, 2005

Not for the faint-hearted

You have been warned. Here's a little quote from the site:
Podle informací řidič Cordoby předjížděl kolonu, která se vytvořila za popelářemi a jel asi 140-150 km/h a Scanie asi 80 km/h, tedy součet rychlostí je 230 km/h....

Here's what it says, basically. We have a convertible heading east at 140-150 kilometers per hour (approximately 90 mph) and a truck heading west at 80 kilometers per hour (approximately 50 mph).

Convertible hits truck head-on, those in convertible are dead.

Here are some pictures (Extremely graphic!!)

A reminder to keep the tach in the black and the wheels between the lines.

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