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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Smoke and drink for the kids

So says our state legislature.
To pay for the overhaul, the Senate plan would adopt a broad new business tax, increase motor vehicle taxes by 50 cents on the dollar, raise the price of cigarettes by 60 cents a pack and, yes, ask those who like to toss one back after work to pay 25 percent more in taxes -- on top of a half-cent sales tax increase.
All of this to pay for the kids' education, which is supposedly funded by local property taxes but because some school districts have the bad luck of being comprised of properties worth less than others it is unfair for some teachers - er students - to do with less while other teachers - er students - are able to get more.

This is only a little bit better than when the governor suggested taxing lap dances at the strip clubs in order to fund education.

Thanks for nothing!! Reason #435 to move out of Texas.

Doesn't this create an incentive for students to smoke? Come on now- smoke 'em if you got 'em- we need those new computers.
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