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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The next big thing

Comes in the form of Poop-Freeze:
POOP-FREEZEā„¢ is a specially formulated aerosol freeze spray that, upon contact, forms a frosty film on dog poop (or cat poop) to harden the surface for easy pick-up. POOP-FREEZE is a great companion to a pooper scooper for clean fast dog poop or cat poop disposal.

You can sign up for the monthly newsletter - don't know what it contains, perhaps exciting tales of frozen poop?

I like the Poop-Freeze carry tote:

Pet owners! A carry tote for your can of POOP-FREEZE, plus a water bottle and your waste clean-up bags.

Is the water bottle for the owner? Yes, I want to carry my water bottle in the same air tight container as the poop spray. It would appear that, post poop, I have to carry both the poop spray toter and a full waste clean-up bag. Gee- that's convenient. Maybe I can throw the poop in the tote with my water bottle.
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