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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I guessed this one

Last week, I predicted (verbally) that the "racist" letters delivered to African-American students at Trinity college were probably fake. All too often claims of overt racism are fabrications, it is the subtle and hard-to-prove racism that is the problem.

Turns out it was a "hoax" or at least the letters weren't written by the local KKK. From today's Chronicle (reg req'd):
A BLACK STUDENT at Trinity College has confessed to sending racially charged hate letters to minority students at the Illinois institution, police officials said on Tuesday. The mailings sent the campus into turmoil last week and led to the temporary evacuation of minority students.

As the false claims mount up, actual overt racism carries less oprobrium because of dillution and a "crying wolf" syndrome that sets in. What a shame.

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