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Friday, April 08, 2005

From the academy

A "sports economics" paper that asks whether there is a connection between quarterback intelligence, passing efficiency, and NFL salaries:
Intelligence and Football: Testing for Differentials in Collegiate Quarterback Passing Performance and NFL Compensation

This article presents an empirical analysis of the relationships between intelligence and both passing performance in college and compensation in the National Football League (NFL). A group of 84 drafted and signed quarterbacks from 1989 to 2004 was selected for the study. The author hypothesizes that intelligence is the most important and perhaps most rewarded at this position, and a wide variety of passing performance statistics are available to separate the effects of intelligence and ability. The OLS-estimated models reveal no statistically significant relationship between intelligence and collegiate passing performance. Likewise, the author finds no evidence of higher compensation in the NFL for players with higher intelligence as measured by the Wonderlic Personnel Test administered at the NFL Scouting Combine.

It isn't so important where the paper was published, but it is somewhat interesting that the result is a non-result. The author finds no relationship between intelligence and performance, nor between intelligence and salaries. Which must mean that salaries are based on performance? Well, not necessarily. I have never been successful in publishing a non-result. I must be submitting to the wrong journals.

I find it useful that studies that cannot reject the null hypothesis can get published.

By the way, could you add a link, or publication information to this?
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