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Friday, April 22, 2005

Democrats are babies

Okay, it's not that simple, but here's where this is coming from. The little one turned 11 months old yesterday and I now call her "the force of nature" because if she wants something, whatever it is, she will lean, squirm, push and pull until she gets to whatever it is she wants. It doesn't matter to her if there is a gaping hole between the couch and the coffee table, mom or dad will be there to make sure she doesn't fall and hurt herself.

She has now taken to whining and "crying" whenever something is taken away from her. As I jokingly tell her, she doesn't know what it is and doesn't know what to do with it anyway. Moreover, it wasn't her's in the first place so why all the hub-bub? Of course, to an 11 month old the logic is lost.

This morning, she worked for a while and managed to take off one of our window handles (used to crank open the window) and held it up as a trophy. I gave Campbell some props for having the dexterity and the patience to get the handle off and then took it away from her before she stuck it in her mouth or whatever. Immediately the tears and the whining. My response? "Crying doesn't establish property rights."

Then it hit me. The statists (mainly manifested in the Democrat party) are no further along, intellectually or logically, than my 11 month old. They whine and cry and accuse and besmirch in an attempt to establish property rights, whether over a farmer's land, my bank account, my retirement savings, my child's mind, the right to abortion - whatever. Most of the time the property rights weren't their's to begin with, but the whining makes others capitulate. Once the property rights are estabilished, the whining and crying is used to protect the property rights as if they were natural rights.

Most of the time the statists don't know what to do with the stolen property once they get it. If the statists nationalize health care how long will it take for the system to completely, and I mean completely, fall apart? Perhaps two or three years? How long would Walmart last under the "leadership" of some of the do-gooders on the left? Whining about the spotted owl hasn't seemed to help that species and whining about third-world debt relief won't help the those in the third world.

The current flap over judges has the Republicans, who hold a majority in the Senate and have the majority of the nation with them, running around in circles. The democrats whine about the property rights to a judicial filibuster which is not in the Constitution and was put in place by ROBERT BYRD (the senator who as a young man was a member of the KKK - heck if you can castigate the Pope you can castigate the guy who created this mess) in the mid 1970s - not by THOMAS JEFFERSON in 1789!! The property rights were established by, in essence, whining and the democrats want to maintain their property rights by whining today. The dems have used the term "nuclear option" which is a shame because when something really important comes along the democrats will have to go with something else - say "thermonuclear" or "emp" or "wmd".

It turns out that the dems don't know what to do with the judicial filibuster other than grind the wheels of justice to a stop. There is no constructive use of the judicial filibuster. All it does is attempt to make the President (of whatever party) look like a fool, make the majority look like a fool, and ultimately reduce the efficiency of the judicicial system - how many days of delay are being imposed on potentially innocent folks sitting in jail waiting their day in court?

So, back to my original premise. The baby cries to establish and maintain property rights, and logic has no impact. Democrats cry to establish and maintain property rights, and logic has no impact. Hence A=C and B=C, ergo A=B : democrats are babies.

Good premise. We can similarly apply to psychopaths and Republicans. In the last paragraph we simply have to replace "cry" with "lie," and replace "property rights" with "power." Whadya know- the logic holds!
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