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Friday, March 18, 2005

The year of the little guy?

I talk of this year's NCAA basketball tournament. Okay, most likely the final won't be Bucknell against Vermont, but so far this year's tournament has had a few more upsets than normal. This is the first time in 15 years that I didn't fill out a bracket - I simply have too much going on right at the moment. However, the bracket did have some intriguing matchups that have made for interesting viewing.

Parity seems to be getting better outside of the top eight or ten teams. With Syarcuse and Kansas out of the tourney, my preferred UK Wildcats are looking a bit stronger. The SEC, my home conference, performed poorly once again in the first round. Alas, most SEC schools don't know which end of the basketball to hold.

Perhaps it is less the year of the little guy as the weekend of the little guy. Props to Bucknell, Nevada, Vermont, UW-Milwaukee and UA-Birmingham, and even little Farleigh-Dickinson, who gave Illinois all they wanted the other day.

Excellent post, I enjoy your blog. Thank you for writing!
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