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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Where not to have an academic job?

Things aren't always so cushy in academics. Just ask the professors at Si Tanka University in Huron, South Dakota. From today's Chronicle of Higher Education (reg req'd):
Faculty members on Si Tanka University's Huron campus announced on Monday that they would stop working by the end of the week because they have not been paid since February 15. The walkout, which would effectively end the academic year there a month early, follows a financial crisis that struck when the university was told that it no longer qualified for federal funds that support colleges with large American Indian enrollments.

How does a "university" not qualify for federal funds? I went to the school's website to check out their academics. Unfortunately, when you follow the link to "Academics" there is nothing on the web site.

There is, however, information about the school's football team, including the 2004 schedule:

2004 Screaming Eagles Football Schedule
September 4 @ Southern Oregon
September 11 @ SD TECH
September 18 Minot State
September 25 Valley City State
October 2 @ Jamestown College
October 9 Dakota State (Homecoming )
October 16 @ Dickinson State
October 23 Black Hills State
October 30 @ Mayville State
November 6 University of Mary

The school also has a Rodeo Team. Perhaps there is a beer and circus problem here. Not enough academics and too much fun - which might justify the government pulling federal money.

If the professors walk out, I suggest they just keep walking and start looking for another job.

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