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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Well, it has to come from somewhere

I'm talking about salt, or sel as the French would say. Nice tidbit for Friday's happy hour:
In 2000, Kansas ranked fifth in the U.S. in salt production, producing 2,944,000 tons valued at $111 million. Roughly 13 trillion tons of salt reserves, about 1,100 cubic miles, underlie Kansas. This is enough to form a salt cube more than 10 miles long on each edge.

Yep, evidently ol' Kansas has a crap load of salt - who'd have thunk it.

More information at the Salt Institute.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the fact that we are ingesting more salt today than we have in the past. Maybe this is true with the preprocessed food, fast food, and generally bad food that we often eat. The following graph might indicate something is afoot:

Maybe I have to write a paper about salt...hmmmm.

Two points:

1) Thanks for the plug on our website, http://www.saltinstitute.org. You might also enjoy the tidbits on our new blog: http://saltsensibility.blogspot.com.

2)Americans are NOT ingesting more salt today than in the past. Actually, over the past century, the level is the same. It's probably been the same for an even longer period of time, but we had no means to measure it before the turn of the 20th century. The most definitive source of this information is the "intake" or background levels of urinary sodium in clinical trials over the years. Researchers record these pre-intervention data to compare with their post-intervention results, but the pre-intervention data consistently show what the general population is ingesting.
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