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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Reason #456 to leave Texas

I make fun of Tejas, but it is a decent place to live. Hell, it ain't Arkansas or Oklahoma.

Nevertheless, there are some things about Texas that drive me batty. This morning's outrage is the crow. I'm not talking about corn-picking scrawny crows like we have back in Georgia. I'm talking about big, fly-off-with-the-dog, hide-the-kids kind of crows. The only benefit they seem to offer is keeping the damn grackles away (grackles are numerous, loud, and crap all over the place).

This morning I go outside to get the paper and discover two of the flying bastards have ripped open the garbage bag awaiting pickup from our soon-to-be-private garbage man, pulled out two of the baby's dirty diapers, a few paper towels, and have finally reached the macaronni and cheese.

The flying Hoovers seem to have a prediliction for the Mac and Cheese. The better half makes Kraft Cheesiest, which one of the crows was chowing down on. The other had discovered a jar of the baby's Mac and Cheese from Gerber and literally had it's beak down the jar in order to get at whatever was left over.

Great. Not only did I have to rebag the remaining trash, I had to pick up the mess these two had made, including two fairly ripe diapers. I remember growing up having to worry about dogs rooting around in the garbage and the mess those animals can make (especially if given a few hours to have some real fun).

In Arlington we have privacy fences and leash laws, hence no dogs. Instead we get crows.

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