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Friday, March 04, 2005

No sense of irony at the Navy?

From the Associated Press comes the article "Navy To Sink USS America In Explosive Final Service":
The Navy says the effort, which will cost $22 million, will provide valuable data for the next generation of aircraft carriers, which are now in development. No warship this size or larger has ever been sunk, so there is a dearth of hard information on how well a supercarrier can survive battle damage, said Pat Dolan, a spokeswoman for Naval Sea Systems Command.

This sounds like a fighter pilot's dream - the chance to blow the hell out of a really big ship. However, would it be possible to re-christen the ship another name so to avoid sinking the America? Those who don't like the U.S. will have a field day with this one.

How about the U.S.S. "Will Kick Ur Ass If We Have To" or the U.S.S. "Al Qaeda" or the U.S.S. "Saddam Hussein"? I am sure there are others.

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